Lymphedema Treatment

Our Program Includes
A comprehensive evaluation by one of our licensed physical or occupational therapist certified in Lymphedema treatment, in order to develop an appropriate treatment plan including rehabilitative goals to achieve our patient needs.

Lymphedema is a swelling of a body part, often arm or leg caused by the accumulation of lymph fluid a protein rich fluid produced by the body to fight infection. Triggered by the removal or radiation of lymph nodes or vessels.

There are two kinds of Lymphedema

  1. Primary Lymphedema is usually caused by lymph vessel malformations present from birth. The most obvious sign of deceased lymphatic function is a swelling lymphedema. However this does not necessary appear immediately.

  2. Secondary Lymphedema frequently occurs as the result of Surgical Removal of Lymph Nodes, Radiation Therapy, Surgery, Venus insufficiency, Legs Ulcer, Burns.

Suncare Physical Therapy Inc. offers a Lymphedema Treatment Program. Our holistic approach focuses not only on reducing pain and swelling but also on restoring function.

The Components of Complex Decongestive Therapy

  1. Skin Care
    Regular protective skin care is important since skin affected by lymphedema tends to develop infections and inflammations.
  2. Manual Lymph Drainage
    It should not be confused with conventional massage. The purpose of MLD is to stimulate the pulsation of the lymph vessel walls, which accelerates drainage of the lymph in the lymph vessels that are still functioning.
  3. Compression Bandaging
    This special wrapping tech with low-stretch bandages provides a natural resistance of the pressure exerted on the tissue during movements of the muscles. This promotes the return flow of lymph and brings about a reduction in the swelling.
  4. Therapeutic Exercises
    Exercises allow the compression to facilitate further reduction.
  5. Patient Education
    It is important in order to maintain reduce swelling.

    Patients are taught:
    • Meticulous skin care.
    • Self bandaging.
    • Techniques to avoid exacerbating the condition.
  6. Compression Garment
    A garment is ordered once the reduction of the limp has been achieved. the garment does not promote reduction, but is designed to maintain the effects achieved through the treatment process.